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Are you an entrepreneur with a product or service targeted to the Boomer, Senior or Caregiver market?
Do you need help reaching those audiences?
Do you need help funding your startup?
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (MFA) if your company needs assistance defining your value proposition to your customers or refining your business strategy. 

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What's Next Boomer Business Summit 2013
MFA has a sterling national reputation for having its finger on the pulse of the 50+ marketplace.  Widely recognized in the aging space, MFA has a strong public relations and social and integrated marketing team.

We   have a proven track record of securing funding for  start-ups in the Boomer, Senior and Caregiving arena.  Over the past decade, we have secured  more than $130 million for longevity marketplace investments. In addition, MFA has raised more than $15 million for non-profits, and aided the organizations in crafting deals with startup companies to provide equity and ongoing financial endowment support.

Businesses that want to increase financing, team building, multi-channel distribution channel to the growing 50+ population count on MFA for guidance.

We have clients and partners who serve the HR marketplace where more than 50 percent of the boomer women get content and resources. We also work with multi-channel marketers on distribution strategy.

We have a strong list of entrepreneurs and startup companies that we have helped with financing, team building and go to market strategies.

“From my perspective, it is highly valuable to become part of Mary’s circle. Here are a few different ways to accomplish that: 1) engage her consulting services on a project, 2) become one of her private clients, 3) become a sponsor of one of her conferences, 4) become a sponsor of one of the supporting events at one of her conferences, 5) attend one of her conferences and meet her, or 6) take one of her graduate marketing courses at Santa Clara University. As someone whose business has benefited from the relationships I have gained through an association with Mary, I recommend that you do not overlook the business value that can be gained here.”
— Peter Radsliffe, Co-founder & Chairman - Aging Technology Alliance, CEO - Presto Services Inc.



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Turning Silver Into Gold


Mary Furlong & Associates produces the annual What's Next Boomer Business Summit in affiliation with the American Society on Aging (ASA), and the annual Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit and Boomer Business Plan Competition with Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business. These events highlight the tremendous opportunities for growth, service and profit presented by the 45 market and attract a wide range of attendees, including media, VCs, entrepreneurs, corporate strategists, market researchers, analysts and non-profit leaders.

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